What is Longfills?

Longfills are a type of vaping liquid that comes in larger containers specifically designed for customization. They are meant to be mixed with a neutral base and/or nicotine shot (booster) to create the final e-juice blend. Unlike shortfill e-juices, extended-fill e-juices solely consist of concentrated flavors, allowing for the creation of e-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations.

Variety of longfill sizes

Longfills come in a variety of bottle sizes, such as 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml bottles. The flavor concentrate is typically present in ratios ranging from 10% to 30%, offering versatility in flavor intensity.

Flexibility with nicotine strength

The main advantage of longfills lies in their flexibility when it comes to nicotine potency. You have the freedom to add more nicotine shots (boosters) or a neutral base to achieve your desired nicotine strength. Additionally, longfills often provide a wider range of flavors since they are not bound by the restrictions imposed by TPD regulations.

How to use longfills

Utilizing longfills requires a slightly more involved process compared to shortfill e-juices. Firstly, you need to incorporate the desired amount of nicotine shots (boosters) into the container based on your preferred nicotine strength. Then, you must add the appropriate quantity of neutral base to the container.

To determine the precise amounts of base liquid and nicotine shots needed, you can utilize an online calculator or refer to the instructions provided with the e-juice. Once you have added the boosters and neutral base, seal the container and vigorously shake it for a few minutes to ensure thorough and consistent mixing of the e-juice.

After shaking the container, your longfill is ready to be used. You can then fill your tank, apply it to your coils, and enjoy a satisfying and personalized vaping experience.