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Measuring tools for e-liquid

In order to mix that fantastic e-liquid, you of course have to have all the ingredients such as concentrate and base liquid and a bottle to mix it in. But you also need to have Measuring Tools to measure the ingredients with so you get that perfect blend.

There are two different Measuring Tools for this, syringes or scales.

Syringes for DIY

Syringes are easy and cheap Measuring Tools to measure out the concentrates when mixing your e-liquid.

Most recipes you find online are listed in millilitres.

But it’s always good to have a few different kinds of syringes, so we have several different sizes to choose from, 1ml, 3ml and 10ml.

If you are only doing a small test, it is easier to use the smaller syringes of 1ml or 3ml, and if you are going to make a slightly larger batch, then use the 10ml syringe.

To make it even easier, you can also buy a blunt needle to put on the syringe so that it reaches all the way down into the bottle.

Scale for larger batches of e-juice

As said, syringes are a cheap and easy Measuring Tools to way to measure your concentrates. But if you perhaps have  found your favorite recipe and are going to make a very large batch, it makes it a lot easier to use a scale instead.

Just as most recipes are given in milliliters, they also have an indication for grams. You simply put the bottle on the scale and mix straight in.

You also save time by not having to rinse the syringes after each use.

Buy syringes and scales from

With us at Flavour-concentrates you will find a large selection of scales and syringes at good prices. Having been in business since 2014, we have a wide knowledge for DIY regarding e-liquid.

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