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Buy Flavours in Bulk at Flavour-Concentrates

Here you can buy everything you need to make your own e-liquid. Choose from a large selection of concentrates and one shots from the largest manufacturers. With over 8 years in the industry, we have extensive experience in everything that has to do with DIY for e-liquid, so if there is something you are wondering about, take a look at our FAQ or contact us by email.

Order before 16.00 weekdays and we will ship your order the same day, we always ship with DHL for fast deliveries.

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Why buy concentrate on Flavour-concentrates?

There are many reasons why you should shop with us, here are some arguments to keep in mind:

  • Large selection of flavours to choose from.
  • Fast order processing, order before 16.00 weekdays and we ship the same day.
  • Professional and easily accessible customer service that always responds quickly to emails.
  • Buy your flavour concentrates from us and be sure to always get a genuine product.

Many different brands of concentrates

Here you will find concentrates from all the major manufacturers such as Capella Flavors, The Flavor Apprentice, Flavor West, Mount Baker Vapor and Flavorah. We have almost all different flavours in stock, but if you feel that someone is missing, just send us an email and we will include it in the next order. We also add new products continuously so that you will always find new exciting flavours when you visit our site.

One Stop Shop to make your own e-liquid

With us at Flavour-Concentrates, you have everything you need to get started and make your very own e-liquid. Choose from a large selection of concentrates and one shot aromas. The menu also has a tab for Accessories, where you will find base fluid, nicotine, bottles and measuring tools. All so that you can shop everything in one place, it could not be easier!

We ship to all of Europe

We send orders to all of Europe such as Denmark, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany and more. We have low shipping costs and use DHL for secure deliveries. Do like many other DIY vapers in Europe and order today!

Benefits of DIY

There are many benefits of making your own e-liquid. In addition to being very fun, you also save a lot of money by switching to DIY. The price for a 50ml e-liquid can be as much as 80% cheaper than if you were to buy a ready-made e-liquid. Another great advantage is that you get to choose what you want in your e-liquid and avoid the chance of an e-liquid that may not have the desired taste as expected.

Is it difficult to make your own e-liquid?

As with so much else in life, exercise gives skill. But it is definitely not difficult to make your own e-liquid, there are many good sites that are completely devoted for different recipes that you can follow and also talk to like-minded and exchange experiences. There are also many good YouTube channels where they walk you through everything from scratch.

What do you need to make your own e-liquid?

First you have to choose which concentrate you want to use, if it is a special brand or a special taste you are looking for. Then you must have base liquid, we sell large bottles with 100% VG or PG so you can mix your own desired ratio VG / PG. Then you will need a bottle to store and mix the e-liquid in, these bottles are available in different sizes to choose from, from 30ml to 250ml. In order to get as precise parts of concentrate as possible, you must also have something to measure with, you can use syringes or a digital scale, we recommend a digital scale as it is easier and faster to use.

Buy an aroma from your favourite brand and save money

Aromas, or One Shots as it is also called, is a ready to go concentrate that you just mix with base liquid and nicotine (optional) then you are set for a nice vape. This can be a great way to start your DIY journey and then switch to regular concentrates that you mix according to recipes.

Most major e-liquid brands also sell the aroma of their bestselling e-liquid so that you can mix your e-liquid according to your own preferences regarding VG / PG ratio and nicotine strength. This is usually also much cheaper than continuing to buy the finished product from the manufacturer, perfect to do when you have found your All Day Vape and want to save in on some cash.

Buy concentrates in bulk in several different sizes

If you want to make a larger bottle of e-liquid, you may not want to buy all your concentrates in small 10ml bottles which is the most common size. We at Flavour-Concentrates buy concentrate in bulk which we then pour into smaller bottles (all approved from the manufacturers). The sizes you can choose from are 20ml, 50ml, 100ml and, for some flavours, 250ml, so you never have to buy many bottles of the same flavour again, easier for you and good for the environment! In addition, we give a little extra discount for each larger size so it is also good for your economy.

Volume discount when buying several bottles of concentrates

If you mix according to a certain recipe, you may need several different concentrates. We therefore have a quantity discount activated on the page, buy 10 bottles of concentrate, regardless of size, and get a 10% discount. Perfect if you have several different recipes to mix and are in need of many different flavours.