Strawberry (Ripe) | The Flavor Apprentice (20/50/100/250/500ml)

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This is a fresh, natural strawberry flavor, a bit different than our original. I’m sure there will be fans of both!

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Various Concentrates 10 - 50 10%


This is a concentrate from The Flavor Apprentice which is the water soluble line of flavour concentrates from (The) Perfumer’s Apprentice and is often referred to as TFA or TPA in recipes.
The concentrates are meant to be mixed with base liquid to make your own e-liquid but are also used in baking and cooking.
We buy flavours from TFA in big bottles and, with TFA:s approval, re-bottle into smaller bottles with our own label. Sizes available are 20ml, 50ml and 100ml.

Contents: Natural & Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol (used by the manufacturer as a base to dissolve the flavours)

You can find more information about the flavours on Pefumer’s Apprentice website.

About The Flavor Apprentice

In 2004, The Perfumers Apprentice was founded in California with a focus on fragrances for perfumery. In 2009, they founded The Flavor Apprentice, which would instead focus on flavours for baking and cooking.
Around the same time, e-cigarettes started to become popular worldwide and both manufacturers and end customers started using the flavours from TFA to make their e-juices.
Thanks to TFA’s pure and concentrated flavours, they have become one of the biggest names in concentrates for e-liquid and are included in countless recipes.

We at Flavour-Concentrates are proud to be able to offer almost the entire TFA flavour catalogue to our customers.

Most flavours from TFA are very concentrated, however, there is no benchmark in terms of how much to mix each individual flavour as they are all different. Our best advice is to start with a low percentage and increase if needed. Alternatively, check out all the DIY websites where you can see how other users have mixed and also find exciting recipes.